The Studio

Merging glass, metal, wood and stone for
timeless designs.

THE STUDIO is where we are able to take the highest expression of stone and merge it with glass, metal, and wood to transform it into quality and timeless designs.

The vision of DELORENZO Studio is to expand the creative limits and push the boundaries of stone. Here is where we combine all of our capabilities to merge art with craftsmanship and technology.

As one of the first stone fabricators in Los Angeles, we pioneered in slab fabrication 40 years ago utilizing the most specialized and advanced Italian machines and tooling.


With a team of many years of experience, we are here to guide you on selecting the highest quality materials to bring your vision to life.


We work with some of the most pure and raw building materials while striving to achieve high levels of sustainability through local sourcing and innovation






At The Studio, it is all in the details. Our branding process ensures quality and authenticity of a DELORENZO design. Our limited editions are created in collaboration with selected artists for a curated collection.



Our modern columns are handcrafted using rich materials such as metal and wood interlocked with stone for a visual impact. We took inspiration from ancient Egyptian columns that were not only built for support, but tell a story in vibrant colors and images.



The table is the centerpiece that anchors the room
Tables are an integral component in any room that anchors a family meal, friend gathering, or business meeting and we believe the table is the center-art-piece.



Powder room vanities can be an unexpected surface that creates a rememberable experience and where layers of art can be integrated for a bold design.



Taking art to the next level. Our limited edition of curated art on stone slabs expands the constrains of where and how to showcase art pieces that can withstand the natural elements for generations to come. Large artistic slabs are a new medium that expands the constraints of placement whether outdoor or indoor.

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