Innovation & Beautiful
Natural Stone Surfaces are

Our Tradition

Stone is our canvas. Our passion is revealing its hidden beauty and creating products that transport people to another place or time. We are in the business of evoking emotion.

Innovation. Pushing the limits of design and function is in our DNA. We are constantly developing new techniques to transform something cold and inanimate into something that’s alive and inspiring.

Craftsmanship. It’s the intersection of skill, patience and an unrelenting attention to detail. Since our inception, we’ve had an ethos of delivering unmatched quality, or nothing at all. This philosophy inspires our entire company as we are proud that our creations are the finest in the world.

Imagination. Let your imagination run wild, without restraint. Close your eyes and visualize an unimaginable design that’s never been seen. Share that amazing vision with us and we can make it come to life.

Family-Owned, Serving Los Angeles for 4 Decades

What were we thinking? Starting a family business from scratch was an uphill climb! We didn’t care because we always believed that there would be a place in South Bay for a company that cared deeply about its customers and products. It’s turned out to be a formula that’s helped us grow to become one of Southern California’s most respected natural  stone fabricators.

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American made quartz surfaces available in a wide range of colors and designs. 

Edge Systems
and Designs

Beautiful and unique Edge System Patent Pending for stone fabrication in Metal and wood.


The perfect stone solution for outdoor applications such as bbq, patios, and fireplaces.

The Studio

Under THE STUDIO, we take the highest expression of stone and merge it with glass, metal, and wood to create quality and timeless compositions and designs. Here is where we combine all of our capabilities to merge art with craftsmanship and technology.

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